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Financial Card Personalization

ITW Specialty Films financial card market has vast experience in the development, design, and manufacture unique films, foils, laminates, and resin thermal transfer ribbons. We offer global card manufacturers and card personalization bureaus world-class card products for financial, transaction and non-secure cards.

Tipping Foil

Tipping foils are specially formulated to meet the requirements of the personalization industry and are optimized for equipment compatibility. Our tipping foils provide sharp detail and fine line definition work where required, and feature easy release for quick adhesion, and have superior abrasion and scuff resistance, resulting in longer lasting quality imprints.

Indent Foil

Indent foils offer easy release and crisp definition for indent printing of security codes and other characters both directly on the card stock and on the signature panel. Formulated for metal die cold stamping onto vinyl or polystyrene transaction cards and signature panels, indent foils are available in white and black. Our indent foils feature long lasting abrasion resistance qualities, with low flake during handling that is conducive to a clean production environment. Foils transfer easily

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Designed for thermal image printing of bar codes, text and graphics on PVC cards and select synthetic label materials, our thermal transfer ribbons (TTR) are compatible with a wide selection of printers and feature superior opacity and excellent heat, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Cleaning Tape

Cleaning tape prepares the card surface by removing dust and particulates before the printing process begins, reducing scrap and the need for reprints.

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