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Level 2 Covert

Invisible to the naked eye, covert features require the use of a simple tool— magnifying glass, flashlight, UV light, IR light, or laser pen— to be verified.

Animated CLR

Multiple images are slightly and sequentially rotated, giving the appearance of animation when holding an ID document stationary and moving a laser across the CLR.

Dual Axis CLR

While similar to the Single Axis CLR, the Dual Axis CLR projects two different images at 90o angles from one another. Because it’s more complex and difficult to create than the Single Axis CLR, the Dual Axis CLR is considered more secure. Yet, with both images occupying the same space within the hologram, the projected images may appear a little less bright in the Dual Axis CLR. We recommend using a hand held reader with an integral screen for viewing this feature.

Micro Imagery

True color micro images or photographs, as small as three square millimeters, require the use of a loupe or magnifying glass to authenticate.

Micro Text

Diffractive or non-diffractive micro text, that can be as small as 175 microns high, is clearly viewed only with an eye loupe or magnifying glass with 10x to 20x magnification. ITW Security Division’s origination equipment is capable of producing perfectly formed text that is far beyond the capability of standard, commercially available holographic equipment.

Single Axis CLR

Covert Laser Retrievable (CLR) images and characters, which are invisible to the human eye, can be viewed only by illuminating the coded area with a laser device and looking at the refracted light projected onto a screen made of paper held at right angles to the hologram; or with a special, hand-held laser reader with an integral screen. This is an excellent covert feature, but does require the use of additional equipment for interrogation.

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